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The English couple with affinity for the Third Reich

I was walking in Seville through the district Triana in the evening. Triana used to be a sub-city of Seville, where they say Flamenco was invented. From time to time I step into one of these tapas bars and drink a small beer. A small beer means in 0.2l. Ideal for having a glass and tasting one of the local delicacies.

When looking for tapas bars, I tried to choose the ones, where I had the feeling they are not touristy. In some of the bars they kept record of your orders by writing down what you had with chalk on the counter. If you stand at the bar, they just write down the prices, if you were standing at a table, it was additionally marked with a quarter circle. When you paid for your drinks and food, the numbers were crossed out or wiped.

It was already past 11 pm and I made my way to the hostel, because I had to drive a large distance the next day. Despite the advanced time, it was still very warm and still about half an hour to walk, so I decided to take a last one. Once again it was an old bar. I ordered a beer at the counter and looked around. There were old photos and objects hanging on the wall. Next to me standing a gentleman, probably in his mid-50s, in shorts, a short shirt and a Panama hat on his head. He looked at me and then also looked around. I felt like I had to say something and mentioned that this is a nice place. We started talking. When I told him that I’m from Austria, he was quite euphoric: “I love the Austrians and the Germans!” He tugged at his shirt and said, “If you’re from Austria, you should know what I’m wearing.” I had to confess, that I did not know, because I do not know every costume from every region in Austria. He was wearing a shirt from Carinthia.

Again and again he told me: “I can not believe it, an Austrian.” At noon he met Germans and now an Austrian. He does not like Americans. He grabbed me and shook my hand. He had a strong handshake, which I countered. “Oh, you have such a strong grip!” In between, his wife joined us from time to time. She was always wandering around a bit. She was far … very far from being a beauty, but who am I to judge. “Look sweetheart, an Austrian.” Again and again he dabbed me on my upper arms and upper body. “And so well built … so beautiful blue eyes.” I just thought, “Oh boy, what’s happening? Are they going to invite me to a weird party in their hotel room?”

He said, he has to pay me a beer and did not rest until I finally agreed.

Continuing chatting, he mentions again and again with enthusiasm how much he likes the Germans .. about their great army, that it took four other armies to defeat them and if Germany once again goes to war, he will relocate and fight for Germany. He started to rave about how beautiful the uniforms were at that time, with their emblems on the collar.

Slowly it dawned on me why he liked the Germans and my blue eyes so much. He and his wife had a strong affinity for the Third Reich.

“So, no weird party in a hotel room.”

They told me about their roots. She spent her childhood in South Africa. He is originally from Ireland, but his origins also included Italy and various Eastern European countries. I thought: “It will not be enough for the Aryan pass, you have too much mixed blood in you.”

His wife was leaning dreamy on his shoulder and they told me laughing, how funny it was a few years ago in Vienna, when they met like-minded people and when he did not manage to properly perform the Hitler salute. Not even when he put on the boots.

I looked at him wide-eyed when he raised his right arm halfway in the middle of the bar again and again, hitting his heels together. I looked around in the room to see if anyone else was watching. The waiter pretended not having seen anything and turned his back towards us.

“Oh shit, now it’s time to go.”

I listened for a few more minutes while I emptied my glass. I said, I have to go now, because I have a long distance to go tomorrow. He held me tight and did not want to let me go. His wife barely could get him off me. I thank for the beer, wish them a good time and quickly left the bar.

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