2017.06 France Spain Portugal Italy

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I have no idea what kind of trees are growing in the forests in the north of Spain and Portugal. But nature smells so good in this area.



From Granada, Caravaca de La Cruz, Cuenca, to Zaragoza, I drove hundreds of kilometers through farmland. The term “food production” got a completely new meaning for me.





In Spain and Portugal there are several bone chapels and churches. When cemeteries were full or land was needed, the graveyards were sometimes dug up and the human bones were used to building churches and chapels. In Évora, it is said, is a very impressive one.




Pizza Vending Machine

In Évora I also encountered another object when walking through the streets. In a corner in a small street, a big red box caught my attention. Taking a closer look, I saw, it was a pizza-vending machine, which made fresh pizza.

The world keeps surprising me each day. Unfortunately, I just had eaten a few minutes before, otherwise I would have tried it.



When I was traveling in America, I had set a routine for myself. When I arrived at the destination and checked in, I took off every moveable part from the motorcycle and took them to the hostel – sometimes even the boxes. I put on the brake-disc-lock, covered the motorcycle (out of sight, out of mind) and activated the alarm. Whether I parked in the street or on a guarded and paid parking lot in a hotel.

On the trip to Portugal I became careless, I felt too safe in Europe. In Seville, I stayed in a hostel, which was located on a small square. The square was surrounded by restaurants and hotels. I did not consider it as necessary to take various things off the bike, like “Nobody is stealing things here.” The next day I missed my tent, as well as various things from my top bag – air pressure gauge, GPS logger, USB cable, handkerchiefs, wind deflector for the helmet…  I think the person(s) involved,  just gathered everything as quickly as possible. Because, why steal tissues? Unless you have a cold …


The rich and the poor

I particularly noticed in Avignon and Nice that there were many homeless people and beggars on the streets. In the shopping streets with the fancy shops they often were gesticulating desperately when people passed by, their hands full with shopping bags: You spent many Euros for clothes, but don’t have a Cent for me?



In 2017 France was in a state of emergency for several months, because of several attacks. Once a year it is nationwide “Day of Music”. I was in Nice that day. In the evening, music was played in the streets around every corner and in every bar. In the center of Nice, soldiers marched through the crowd, hands on their rifle and literally scanned people with their eyes. On the boulevard, a garbage truck, accompanied by a police, went from trash can to trash to check them for objects.



Just go there, it’s an amazing city!


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