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Why Cuenca?

Cuenca is located approximately midway between Madrid and Valencia and is known for the “hanging houses”. The old town is strategically built on a rock and has many narrow steep streets. The city and the surrounding area with many hiking trails is worth a visit. In Cuenca I stayed at Green River Hostel, new, nice decor, nice owners – I was the only guest. While I was walking through the city, a storm approached in the late afternoon. On the way back, I already prepared for reading in the evening.

Back at the hostel a party took place. It was a family members birthday. I got asked, if I want a beer. Did I ever say No to a beer?
In my poor Spanish and their poor English, we talked for a while. I drank 2, 3 beers. It was nice. In between, they asked me, “Why did you come to Cuenca? All people travel south to the sea or to Madrid and Barcelona or to the north.”

I just said, “Why not?” They seemed to think for a while, and finally they said, “Yes, you’re right!”

The point of this story and final words.

Whenever I come back from a trip, I get asked by somebody: why didn’t you go to this sight and why not to that one? And why did you go there? What is there? There’s nothing there!
That’s not true. Adventures start where no one else is going. There is something to see and to discover everywhere. And I am absolutely sure that you won’t get spontaneously invited to a family celebration in Madrid or Barcelona (which by no means are beautiful cities).

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