At the moment I do not have time to write about Botswana.

I at least want to share a few photos. They have more documentary character, as I only took a compact camera with me.

This was for sure an extraordinary trip.

My buddy Andi and I visited Steve, whom we met in Patagonia.

Steve is headmaster of the Bana Ba Metsi School for problem kids. He lives in Botswana and is working as teacher there for more than 30 years.

The first week we spent some time with Steve and his friends in Maun, taking part in his live while he hassled with authorities and banks. After that we went north to his school.

The second week, we took his boat and Steve, Marcell (a swiss guy who met Steve in Botswana too), Andi and Nick, another friend of Steve and I went up and down the Okavango river, camping, fishing, seeing hundreds of crocodiles, some hippos and ran away from elephants in the middle of the night.

Should I meet some of you, I will be happy to tell more if you want.