Summer of 69 2010 …

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… referring to the song of Bryan Adams … (so far) summer 2010 was a good summer. Some of the activities I did:


Some of my friends are sky divers. Their base/airport is close to Fertöszentmiklós in Hungary, close to the Austrian border and Eisenstadt. I was invited to come by and they persuaded me to do a tandem jump. I did a tandem jump more than ten years ago. Free fall lasts about 60 seconds. The first time I was just looking down … barely daring to breath … watching the ground coming closer and closer with an insane speed.
This time it was much better. Some friends were jumping out of the plane with me. I was more aware of what was happening around me. I was able to look around, waving to my friends coming close to me, … .


Day-trip to Bratislava. The capital of Slovakia. The city exists since hundreds of years and is worth a visit.


With the motorcycle along the Danube to Passau. You pass the „Weinviertel“ („wine quarter“) and the „Wachau“ … famous and very beautiful parts of Austria. The ‚Wachau‘ is part of theworld heritage.


The whole world in about an hour. There is an entertainment park in Klagenfurt called „Minimundus“. They have small models of buildings and famous places from all around the world. Some of them are made of materials from the origin places.

Forest Glade 2010

Wiesen … is one of the best festival areas in the world (imho). They do a couple of concerts and festivals a year. Forest Glade 2010 was a concert to remember. Everlast, The Cranberries, Die Fantastischen Vier, Gossip, Faith No More, … good friends and some drinks. It makes you feel good when you see the crowd with the hands up in the air. From above it looks like a cornfield moving in the wind.