A little bit about me

My name is Juergen. Most people know me by my nickname “baudsch” (for non-german speakers may my nickname be hard to pronounce). I was born in March 1976.
zuendapp-300x244 Those are my brother (red) and me (green).

I grew up on the countryside, in a village called Sieggraben, in Burgenland, in the eastern part of Austria. Over the years I lived in Vienna, Wiener Neustadt and Eisenstadt. After years of looking I found a property in Großhöflein, close to Eisenstadt, where I started to build a house (Spring 2015).
I work in the computer business and had jobs as Programmer, Administrator, Consultant, Quality Manager, … in different companies, as employee and as freelancer.

IMG_2988_iconMy passion is traveling. I can’t remember when the travel-virus in me broke out. According to stories of my parents, I was always homesick when I was a child. When I was young we spent some holidays in Austria. But when we went somewhere, I always wanted to go home.

It all started after the military service. I went into a travel agency (internet was not so widespread in 1997) and went out with a ticket to Miami for two weeks.

I arrived in the middle of the night in Miami, no place to sleep and no idea. First thing was, that a limousine driver took a lot of money from me to bring me to Miami Beach (I learned it the hard way). Anyway, I spent two fantastic weeks in Miami and Key West.

A lot of experiences and adventures in different countries followed. You can watch the photos and sometimes travel reports on these pages.