Early October 2015 I went with 3 friends for 2 1/2 weeks on a tour through Morocco.

Morocco was a new country on my list. It was not a cultural trip .. we were there to ride motorcycles and we went Off-Road whenever possible. It was, again, a great adventure, with a fantastic group. I hope I can take you with me on that trip a little bit.

die dreckigen 4 / the dirty 4

the dirty 4

The participants (from left to right):

My good friend Andi, whom avid readers already know from South America.

Ludwig (Wickerl), The Transporter and guide. For the sixth time in Morocco, he does not need a gps device, knows the area and a lot of nice places.

Me, Jürgen.

And rightmost Martin, a good friend and colleague of Andi.

If you feel like – after reading! – you want to do the trip too, visit Ludwig and Andi on their Homepage, where they offer this and other trips.

Photo Album

Part 1

Malaga, Dug the Dog, Women, Mercedes, Alcohol, Marihuana, Rif Mountains, Environment Protection

Part 2

Scenery, Police, Off-Road, Children, Food, Souvenirs, Desert, Scorpions, Milky Way

Part 3

Oasis, Heavy Off-Road, Falling, Marrakech, Hustler

Part 4

Cedar Forrest, Markets, Time Problems


Route 2015.10_Morocco_02