Farewell to Argentina

It’s been a while, that I wrote an update. Well, I am fine. I led a good life in Cafayate, Cachi and Salta.
Getting up late. Either walking around in […]

not everyone returns home

25.02. – 26.02.
After I waited in Mendoza for another rainy day to get over, I moved on on Wednesday. As it turns out in the afternoon, it was maybe […]

I fell in love

whatever day – 06.02.
First: Here is the video of our horrible ride on Ruta 3.

I fell in love .. with a country, with the people, with the women. Of […]


24.01. – 02.02.
Unfortunately, our attempts to seal the damaged radiator had no success. The water always finds a way and dribbles. This solution is not an option for my […]

Ruta 3, road to perdition

19.01. – 23.01.
On the curvy Ruta 7 we ignore the solid lines, overtaking long lines of cars, stuck behind trucks. We wanted to take a different route, but it […]

Mendoza with Renate and Bart

15.01. – 18.01.
In Mendoza we meet Renate and Bart from Holland again. For new readers: I met Renate and Bart in Guatemala close to the border of Honduras. We […]