from Cusco to Lima, the accident

I drive 620km from Cusco to Nazca in one day. It took 9 1/ 2 hours. The road is definitely in the top 10 list. From Cusco to Abancay […]

accident with consequences

Well, that is not a late April Fool’s joke. My journey found an abrupt end.

On March 30th I had an accident, when I wanted to go through Lima on […]

floating islands, Cusco, Machu Picchu and road blocks

20.03., 21.03.
From Copacabana, in Bolivia, to Puno, in Peru, it is only a short drive. Peter and I arrive there at noon.
For the afternoon we booked a trip to […]

The short story of the wrong 50 Soles bill

During the last days I have seen floating islands, Cusco, Machu Picchu and some other things. But more about that in two or three days. Here is the story […]

up(s) and down(s)

26.10., 27.10., 28.10.
Caraz – Huanuco – Huancayo, 750km

Although, I’m better prepared than last time – I got everything ready, socks, T-shirts, face mask – it was cold and shitty […]

blue eyes

19.10. , 20.10.
I like Peru from the first moment. The first two female officers I met at the border gave me compliments for my beautiful blue eyes. :-)

I spent […]