Monthly Archives: April 2013

Week 4/6 with crutches

Yesterday, April 20th, I finally had the appointment for the MRI, my first MRI. As there was only my knee to scan, it was not necessary to put my […]

Week 2/6 with crutches over

I want to keep the blog up during my recovery time. Meanwhile two weeks are over. All in all I feel well. The knee does not hurt very much. […]

Photos Australia

As I’m lying around the most time, I organised the photos from Australia. I updated all albums and added some pics. The penguin decided to upload some photos too.
-> […]

Statusupdate leg

The doctor told me full recovery will take about 3 1/2 months. He was discussing my problem with other docs. They decided, that they will not do a surgery. […]

Very bad news

To keep it short:

It’s very likely that I will not be able to start my motorcycle journey as planned. But what happened? One day before my departure from Australia […]

Back to Sydney and sumary

The last days in Australia. Only a few hundred km to Sydney. We are moving on along the Murray River. The area is dominated by fruits, vegetables and wine. […]