Monthly Archives: July 2013

Manhattan and Philly

I did the 230 km from Albany to Manhattan in almost exactly three hours on a smaller highway through a nice scenery with less traffic. For the next 170km […]

Adirondacks (en)

Leaving Montreal. I’m going south. I cross the border to the United States at Rouses Point. The border guard asked me where I’m from, why I have no Canadian […]

a weekend in Montreal

19. – 21.07.

A big Thank You to Esra and Paul for their hospitality and a for a really great weekend in Montreal. You know how to know your good friends. […]

to Montreal


From Riviere-du-Loup to Quebec City it was only 220km on the “Route des Navigateurs”, a scenic drive along the Saint Laurent river. On some places the river is so […]

enjoying the ride


Here I go. I leave Halifax and therefore I am officially on the way. My next goals are Moncton, Fredericton, Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec City and Montreal. Again, it’s burning hot. […]

Halifax and sourroundings

13. +14.07.

Sightseeing in Halifax. I walk. I walk through the streets. I walk up to the citadel, from where you have a good overview of the city. And then […]