Monthly Archives: August 2013

from Monterrey to Zacatecas

I spend the second day in Monterrey with walking around in the city center. At early afternoon, I begin to understand why some countries are held siesta. What do […]

Welcome to Mexico

How the border crossing went, can be found on the Mexico page. It took a while, but it was not that bad.

My destination for today is Monterrey, where I […]

Austin, new shoes for my lady

15th – 18.08.

A few friends asked me if my motorcycle has a name and if it is female or male. NO. I have no real emotional attachment to the […]

Nashville and falling for the first time

After nearly a week the next update. Regarding (free) internet access, the USA are way more advanced than many other countries. But not always. If you did not see […]

The first theft, Mini Las Vegas and the further plan

The first (small) theft. I spent two nights in Asheville. In some way I did not like the city when I drove into it. You know, sometimes you have […]

Baltimore and moving South-West

30., 31.07.
From Philadelphia it is only a short distance to Baltimore. A friend advised me by e-mail to do a detour through the nearby “Amish Country” Lancaster. Large farms […]