Monthly Archives: September 2013

taking your job too serious

The scheduled flight to Bogota is at 11:40. Fortunately, the taxi is at the hostel earlier than ordered, fortunately there is no traffic and I’m at the airport before […]

Panama (en)

23.09. – 24.09.

Border crossing number 8 on my trip. I ‘m about 11 weeks on the road, not a bad average. A guest in the Hostel told me, that […]

Costa Rica (en)

17.09. – 22.09.

The entry to Costa Rica takes a little bit long, but again, no problems. Just across the border, we stopped at a restaurant and had snack. […]

Nicaragua, corrupt police

14.09. – 16.09.
The exit and entry from Honduras to Nicaragua took, as always, long. But again there are no difficulties. Again, the helpers were at our side. But when […]

Honduras, Off-Road (en)

10.09. – 14.09.
I leave Monterrico early in the morning and make my way to Honduras with the todays destination Copan Ruinas just behind the border. It is a long […]

Guatemala, of the efforts entering a country

I start early today, going to the border crossing at Hidalgo.

When leaving Mexico they wanted 30 USD from me for the visa. I left Mexico the day before and […]