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blue eyes

19.10. , 20.10.
I like Peru from the first moment. The first two female officers I met at the border gave me compliments for my beautiful blue eyes. :-)

I spent […]

from 0 to 4,000

Today’s destination, Quilotoa, is about 290 km away. “The luminous turquoise water of volcanic crater lake ‘Laguna Quilotoa’ is one Ecuador’s most awe-inspiring sight.” I have read a few […]

missed the equator

08.10. – 11.10.

The landscape stays the same in Ecuador. I’m cruising through the soft mountains.
As you never know how long it takes at the border, I made the first […]

bones break

Ha! Got ya! Mum, sorry for the scare. The last posts were maybe a bit boring for reading. So I had to come with a lurid headline. Personally, I […]

call to my readers

I can see in the statistics that I have a few (loyal?) readers.
But the communication is something like one-way. I’m really happy to hear/read something from home or from […]

I arrived in South America

I arrived already yesterday, as you could see from my last article. I am positively surprised of Bogota. It is a large, wide, green city. It is clean, the buildings are […]