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After a long flight I arrived at the Youth Hostel in Sydney on March 3rd at about 22:30. Just time enough for two welcome beers with my friends, before the bars closed.

The next day we had a quick breakfast in a cafe close to the hostel, before we went to the airport to pick up the rental car at about noon. We drove only about 100km down the coast that day, to get out of Sydney. The vegetation is dry but dense. The way is seamed by Eucalyptus forests.

I have problems with the time change. Sometimes I have a nap in the car and I am awake between 5am and 7pm before I can sleep again. Also there are big differences in temperature. During the day it gets 30 degrees celsius during night it is freezing cold.

In Illawara we did the Treetop Walk. The walk is in average 25m high. There is also a tower with about 45m height. For me, who is afraid of heights, it’s not easy up there. Although I dare to get up the tower. My friends don’t understand that I jumped out of a plane two times with a tandem parachute, but don’t feel well at a height of 25m. After the Treetop walk we visited the Fitzroy Falls which are only a few km away.

The first contact with the Kangaroos.

We arrived late in Pebbly Beach. At the beach there are four mid size Kangaroos having dinner. We approach them slowly. They did not feel disturbed by us. Of course they did not, I think we were at least the one millionth tourist. It is even possible to touch them while they continued eating. When they raised their head, they were about 1.5m heigh. At their rear legs they have two smaller and on larger claw, at their fore-paw they have five sharp claws. Even if they seem to be peaceful animals, I would not risk a fight with them.

The vegetation is changing constantly on the ride to Melbourne. Sometimes there are dry forests, then there is soft rolling country and then we drive through rain forests with huge trees. The landscape is interrupted by long white beaches. Often there are distances where the trees are charred. Maybe rests of the fires a few weeks ago.

The first ride on the left side of the road was unusual. It took some time to get used to it. My friends were very nervous for the first two hours. I made the usual mistakes, driving too close on the left side, being confused with indicator and windscreen wipers, did not take care on cars coming right hand.

The second contact with Kangaroos was on Pambula beach, which is close to Merimbula. There were a lot of them on a camping site. They were hanging around between the campers. It was no big thing for the local people, but we were very excited to get so close to them. When I was suddenly surrounded by three of them I was a bit scared.

The keeper of the Youth hostel in Merimbula told us to go to Raymond Island, if we want to see Koalas. We arrived there on the hottest time of the day. The were hanging lazy in the trees. They did not feel disturbed by our camera noise and our chatter. Sometimes they opened their eyes but soon fell asleep again.

On our way to Melbourne we made also stop over at Phillip Island. There is a famous penguin parade where you can watch the penguins walking from there caves to the sea. We did not wait until evening but we visited a wildlife park where you could feed the animals. There were a lot of kangaroos in different size, also emus, dingoes and other animals. One of the emus followed us constantly. Even if he did not come to close we took care that he did not come to close. It’s beak looked a bit dangerous.

So far the trip was great we were walking through Kangaroo and Koala poo just to get good pictures. Let’s see what the next weeks will bring.