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We are staying in Melbourne for three nights. The preparations for the Grand Prix next weekend are already in progress. The fence around the race track is almost finished. But the track is still open and we are driving down the track. We can catch a sight on the boxes and breath a little bit race atmosphere.

In the inner city at the Yarra River, which is flowing through the city, there is the “Moomba festival”. It’s a huge carnival. There are Ferries wheels, shooting galleries, stages, jugglers, … . At the river there is a waterskiing competition. The Moomba festival was first held in 1954 when Queen Elizabeth visited Melbourne. It was held each year since then.

Melbourne has about 3,3 million citizens and is a melting pot of nations. Uncountable people are moving through the city like ants. We enjoy two days without driving and also the nightlife where we hang around with local people.

After Melbourne we are heading to Adelaide, where we want to spend the next weekend, on the Great Ocean Road.

Thank you for reading, Jürgen