We are leaving Melbourne on March 11th. The next days we want to go to Adelaide along the Great Ocean Road. The 180km for this day are not so easy, as we have been out until late in Melbourne. We try to get to Apollo Bay as fast as possible and are happy when we checked in there at about 2pm and to get some sleep.

Did I tell, that it is really is really hot since a couple of days. It feels like 1.000F.

Today, 12.03., we are doing the touristic part of the Great Ocean Road. That means, getting into the car, buckle up, driving one to two km, unfasten, getting out of the car, running around for 10 to 15 minutes, taking some pictures of stone formations, getting into the car, buckle up, … . All that between 10am and 2pm, when people in other countries have siesta.

First we are stopping at the Cape Otway Lighthouse, “Australia’s most significant lighthouse”. For a lot of travelers it was the first sight of land after a months lasting journey. Then it goes step by step, Gibson steps and what do I know. At the 12 Apostles there are the most people. The 12 Apostles are a stone formation lime stone standing in the sea (Wikipedia). The sea is washing them out underneath and some day they will fall. There is a huge parking lot, hundreds of tourists, visitors center, helicopter flights, and so on. Of the 12 Apostles there were 2004 nine standing. One fell in 2005. If it continues that way, they can close the business soon. Can’t believe that it took 7 hours to drive 170km.

Wed. 13.03.2013. A quiet day. At forenoon we were visiting the Maritime Museum in Warrnambool. It’s an old heritage village where some people work in historic clothes for tourists.

After that it’s only about 30 km to Port Fairy, with a stopover at Tower Hill Lake, a former vulcan.

Port Fairy is a small fishing village. There is a small Island, called “Griffiths Island” with a lighthouse on it. There is also a walking track with about 3km. The track is lined with sea gull corpses. We could not find out why. Maybe they just come here to die. Sometimes a kangaroo is hopping around. The last two days it got really cold. There is nothing left from the heat of the last days. Showers are pulling through from time to time. For dinner it is Fish&Chips. Great.

Thu. 14.03. as we want to be in Adelaide at Sunday, to see the Grand Prix in TV and to celebrate St. Patricks Day there, and we also want to visit Barossa Valley before Adelaide, we have to drive far today. We make it to Robe, about 350km to Adelaide. Searching for food we are walking through the town center. At the harbor we found “Pollys Fish&Chips”. It was a small booth with a front building where you could also eat-in. As Fish&Chips tasted good the day before, we decided to have it again today. The serving of the previous was good, but not that much. Assuming that they were the same size I ordered a fish (Blue Grenadier), 2 calamari, 2 fish sticks. Each of us got a number when we ordered our meal. It took about five minutes until it was finished. The vendor handed each of us a packet which had the size of piglet. One serving was enough for at least two people. But it was great and all that for 12.5 AUD.

Tomorrow we are moving on to Barossa Valley. Til now we just had beer.

Thank your for reading, Jürgen

Fotos here.