19. – 21.07.

A big Thank You to Esra and Paul for their hospitality and a for a really great weekend in Montreal. You know how to know your good friends. It does not matter how long you don’t see. When you do, it’s just like it was last week.

Paul and Esra did a firework for me. Esras sister, Zeynep and and her niece, Melis were also in Montreal. It was a great welcome.





There were a lot of festivals going on around the town, like a Comedy Festival, a Music Festival, a Kids Festival and maybe some more. While Melis, Zeynep and Esra had “Kids Fun”, Paul and I had “real” fun. ;-)
Paul invited me to the La Ronde Amusement Park and we did some roller coaster. I can’t remember when I did that last time. Man, those things were going off.





But later afternoon, when the sun went towards the horizon, something seemed wrong. Children got unsettled. Something Evil was coming up. Kids transformed to some kind of human-animal thing. They attacked other people. It did not take long and there was an army of zombies all over the streets.




Police and other authorities tried to control the situation. But they were without a chance. They got overrun. People tried to flee from the city in all different kinds of vehicles.





Somehow we managed to get back to Esras and Pauls Apartment. It was just time to gather the most necessary things. I jumped on my bike and just drove away, not looking behind me. Esra, Paul, Zeynep and Melis caught the last train out of the city. I hope they got out well.




Ok, Ok, maybe not everything happened as described. :-)

Thank you for reading, Jürgen.

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