There is much to tell.
After a difficult crossing to Guatemala, where I spent two days, arrived in Honduras.
Unfortunately, my laptop has decided not to accompany me any further. I’m looking for a solution, but concerning the blog, until then, I am handicapped.

It was difficult to get into Guatemala. I failed at the first border. The lady insisted that I need a translation of the motorcycle documents, what simply is not true. After a while discussing with her, I told her angry to give my papers back, drove back to Mexico and to the other border crossing. There, I had no problems, it just takes time. I entered and left Mexico three times in two days.
The many stamps were confusing and I had to explain to officials.

I spent two nights in Monterrico, a small cozy village on the coast. I arrived there at late evening on Sunday without local money. It was hard to find a place to stay where I could pay with credit card.

For the donation of a small amount to the local animal protection association I was allowed to release a small turtle to the sea.

Just before the border to Honduras, I saw two motorcycles parking at the street. I stopped immediately. It were Renate and Bart, a very nice couple from Holland, who are also traveling south. We went together to cross the border into Honduras. The border crossing was pretty simple. It took about 2 hours to clear the three of us, because you have to run from A to B again, you need a lot of copies and many data are entered in the computer. But I can not say a single negative word.

Copan Ruinas, right behind the border is a cozy small village. Opposite the hotel there is a restaurant / bar, named ViaVia which is run by a Belgian. I’m happy that I met people again I could talk to. Renate, Bart am I we had a some beers and other drinks that night.

For the next couple of days I will join them, traveling together.

Thank you for reading, Jürgen .