I arrived already yesterday, as you could see from my last article. I am positively surprised of Bogota. It is a large, wide, green city. It is clean, the buildings are in very good condition.
This morning, I walked about 15km through the area. First up on a mountain, where I have an overview of the city. Bogota is located at about 2,600 m above sea level. On the ascent to 2,800 m my body screams, as in Zacatecas, extremely for oxygen supply. I am a lowland guy.

DSCF1273After that, I’m walking through the city. The architecture is so different than in Central America. There are many brick buildings. Many of the districts consist of only two to four level houses. Sometimes it seems like walking through a small city.

After lunch I go to the airport, where I arrive around two o’clock. The next four hours drive me almost to crazy. OK, it’s very busy. The officers work furiously. One is using the computer mouse as phone and the phone as a computer mouse. Beside me a lot of other people are waiting to get their goods.
On the Airport I met an Australian couple, Lauren and Adrian. They are picking up their motorbike as well. Poor guys, they were even longer on the airport than me to get their bikes. While waiting we have some time to chat. They have the same goal as I and about the same time frame as I. I am sure we will met sometimes on the way down south.
Under observation of some people who were watching me how I took of some parts of the cover to connect the battery, I finally left the airport around five-thirty. No more shorts and shirts. I can put them in my bag. I changed them for long trousers and a sweater.

DSCF1281Since the service in San Jose, the temperature light flashed sometimes. I check coolant liquid and oil. The oil level seemed to be ok, but there is not enough coolant liquid. I really want to know, why that was not noticed and corrected during the service in San Jose. I want to make sure that there is no other problem and go to the BMW dealer in Bogota in the morning. Except for the coolant liquid everything is in fine.

In the afternoon I wanted to visit the old city of Bogota. But it started to rain. So I went back to the hostel, where I met Carolina who works there. From her I learned, that at this time of the year it is usually sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. Well, there is some work to do, so that’s ok.

Actually, I wanted to leave early, so that I arrive at the destination before the rain start. After waking up, I usually check my e-mails. Lauren wrote an e-mail that they meet up with two New Zealanders for breakfast and if I wanted to join them. Carolina also wrote an e-mail if I’m still there.

How can I leave the city, if I have invitations from two different women in one day? ;-)
So I took a taxi to have breakfast, with Lauren and Adrian from the airport and Andi and Ellen from New Zealand.
Lauren and Adrian are on the road for 6 months. Andi and Ellen wanted to ride only six months, extended to one year, are on the road now for 1 1/2 years and do not know when the journey ends.

IMG_0372I spent lunch and the afternoon with the very lovely Carolina, who told me a lot about Bogota and Colombia.
About the long internal war in Colombia, the daily “survival” of the people, the gap between rich and poor, the development of the city, about the dangers in Bogotá and much more.

We then end up in a café where they have – I can hardly believe it – “Krapfen”. I think only Germans and Austrians understand that. Obviously, I can not help but have to eat one. They are of course not that good like made by my mum and grandma, but I have to say: Not bad. And the “Weibbier” and “Weibwurst” on the menu (again only german speakers understand) makes me laugh.

Another day in Bogota . Today Bart and Renate arrive in Bogota, regular readers know, the two from Holland I joinded for a couple of days to cross Honduras and Nicaragua.

I am really looking forward to seeing them again. In the morning I go up to Monserrate, from where you have a great view over the city. Then I was walking around a little bit in the older city, to see the contrast to the area where the hostel is located. There it is mainly residential area and business district. There was a lot of police in the center. They celebrated some high ranked person. But everything was over when I arrived there.

At evening Renate, Bart and I celebrated our reunion, with good food and a few beers.

It seems like there is developing some kind of social life on the road .

Thank you for reading, Jürgen .

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