Well, that is not a late April Fool’s joke. My journey found an abrupt end.

On March 30th I had an accident, when I wanted to go through Lima on the Panamericana in the afternoon. I hit a car badly that had been standing cross to the lane with the back. For this you shall know, if you survive the rush hour here, you are lucky.

Result: left broken clavicle, ribs and left side at least bruised, I do not know in detail yet – it hurts, right hand thumb slightly bruised. I was in a hospital in the outskirts. There I had only minor treatment in the emergency room, clavicle was x-rayed. Then I was sent away to buy my bandage myself.

The front of my bike badly damaged. It has taken a few days to organize everything with the bike. But now I can finally go home. Sunday, about 19pm I will arrive in Vienna.

Details, as soon as I can write with both hands again.

Thank your for reading, Jürgen.

at the hospital, waiting for treatment

you even can see on the picture that the shock absorbers are bent