Hello and welcome,

With this article I start the blog about my planed motorcycle tour through North and South America from mid May 2013 until mid May 2014.

Structure and content of the blog will shape more during the next weeks. But you can already look around on the page.

If everything is going to be ok, I will start mid May 2013 in Halifax, at the east coast of Canada.

The preparations are proceeding. The flight to Montreal on 09. May 2013 is booked. A transport company is commissioned to ship my motorbike to Halifax. Actually there is no exact schedule, but if everything goes well the motorcycle should arrive in Halifax between May 10. and 20.

Friday 1. March is the last day in the office and the apartment is almost empty. There are still a few things to do in April. I will sell my car and some other stuff to get some more money for the journey. The motorcycle needs an inspection and I have to mount some equipment, like and USB outlet, chain oiler and crash bars. I also want to do a test ride with the fully equipped and loaded motorcycle before I send it to Canada.

That means, about two months until the motorbike will be shipped and a few more days until my departure. And March? On 2. March I will go to Australia for a month. I will travel around with two friends to get used to be on the road again. :-)

If you are interested on what will happen during the next year, then stay tuned. If not, it’s ok too. But, maybe you have friends who are interested in following my trip. So: like, share, tell and spread the link to my blog. Each reader is welcome.

Please write a message if something is not working on the page.

FYI: To prevent spam I will for now approve comments personally. That means, it could take some time until comments are visible. I will work to optimize this procedure.

Thank you for reading, Jürgen.