Currency: USD (United States Dollar)

border crossing

The border crossing from Canada to USA was on the 223, Rouses Point. It was just a small station. Everything was friendly, fast and without complications. The boarder control person on the street took some data from me and sent me to the border control building. There I had to fill out the green visa paper. They took my fingerprints, asked a few questions, Where from? Where to? I told them that I wanted to go through North and South America. A little smalltalk. They wished me good luck for my journey, and I was done.


km – odometer at border crossing: 32,720
km – driven: 5,927

average fuel costs per liter: 0,78 EUR
fuel used in liter, around: 215

total costs for fuel, around: 169 EUR

days in USA: 30


As a single traveler it is sometimes not that easy in the U.S. Hostels can be found sufficiently along the east coast and the west coast, in the big famous national parks, and bigger citys.
On the countryside you often have to rely on motels. If you travel in twos or fourth, the costs for a motel are very cheap per person. You can get a room for four from 50 to 60 USD. In some areas during weekdays cheaper. It does not make a difference whether you are alone, two, three or four persons. You pay the room. I’ve largely managed to stay under $50. The cheapest motel was $38.
The quality of the rooms can not be set directly in relation to the price. I slept in new clean rooms for $45 but also payed $55 to $60 for shabby rooms.