Currency: USD


km – odometer at border crossing: 46,740
km – driven: 1,885

average fuel costs per liter: 0,42 EUR
fuel used in liter, around: 62l
total costs for fuel, around: 26,- EUR

days in Ecuador: 10

border crossing

at Ipiales, Tulcán.

Getting out of Colombia takes around 10 minutes. First you have to cancel the vehicle at customs. They just take the copies of the vehicle papers back. After that go to migration to get the entry stamp.

Entering Ecuador:
Do as described, that will safe time:

1. Migration, get the entry stamp
2. Buy an insurance. Just ask for SOAT or seguro. They are sold in a small hut across the street of the official buildings. Costs 5,- USD
3. Make copies of your Passport with the personal data, the page with the entry stamp, insurance paper, driving licence and vehicle license.
4. With those papers you go to the customs, some paperwork is done and you can go.


5,- USD for the insurance
a few cents for copies