Currency: PEN Nuevo Peruan Soles


km – odometer at border crossing: 48,625
km – driven: 3,707

average fuel costs per liter: 1.15
fuel used in liter, around: 124
total costs for fuel, around: 143

days in Peru: 15

border crossing

at Huaquillas / Tumbes on the coast

You have to cancel the motorcycle at customs, which is around 2 or 3 km inland on the road #25. Look for Via Chacras and Aduana on the left side when you approach the border. (GPS coordinates will follow soon)

After canceling your bike follow the signs to Peru. You don’t have to go to migration in Ecuador to get the exit stamp. It is on Peruan side. The border station in Peru is new and tidy. No helpers or other people hanging around.

The counters to exit Ecuador and to enter Peru are at the migration next to each other.

Same procedure as every time. You have to buy an insurance, which was quite expensive. 35,- USD for one month.
Everything, from searching for customs in Ecuador, until I was done in Peru lasted about 2 hours.

You might also read the experiences from Adrian and Lauren. They crossed at Macará and were not that lucky.


35,- USD for the insurance

Peru 2

We entered Peru at Copa Canana at Lake Titicaca. It is a smaller border station, but it can take a while as there are crossing a lot of buses. But everything was easy. They don’t ask for insurance. As of my accident it is recommended to ask, where you can buy one.