Currency: CLP, Chilenian Peso


km – odometer at border crossing: 52,332
km – driven: 5,108

average fuel costs per liter: 1,17 EUR
fuel used in liter, around: 180l
total costs for fuel, around: 210 EUR

days in Chile: 27

border crossing

at Tacna/ Arica on the coast

Cancelling the bike in Peru takes only 10 minutes. A friendly officer showed me where to go.

In Chile it is easy as well. You have to fill out the form with the motorcycle information yourself. Don’t import fresh food. They X-Ray  your luggage and search your boxes.Before they hand you out the paper for the temporary import you have to run a little bit from A to B to get stamps from the food control and the person who has a look at your bike.

Going South and North you will do several crossings between Chile and Argentina. Crossing between Chile and Argentina is very easy. Once your vehicle is in the computer system, they just print out a new piece of paper for the temporary import. Importing fresh food is not allowed too.


no fees, now one asked for an insurance