Currency: ARS, Argentinian Peso


km – odometer at border crossing: 57,440
km – driven: lost track of that

average fuel costs per liter: 0.85 EUR
fuel used in liter, around: –
total costs for fuel, around: –

days in Argentina: many

border crossing

From Osorno on the #215 to the border and then to Villa la Angostura. Border crossing between Chile and Argentina is easy and fast – if you don’t get the newbie. Filling out some paperwork. They even don’t look at the vehicle.

Duration: 30min

Going South and North you will do several crossings between Chile and Argentina. Crossing between Chile and Argentina is very easy. Once your vehicle is in the computer system, they just print out a new piece of paper for the temporary import.


no fees, now one asked for an insurance, but insurance is necessary