Currency: BOB, Bolivian Bolivar


km – odometer at border crossing: lost track of that
km – driven:

average fuel costs per liter: the average cost for local people is around 0.3 EUR, foreigners pay the international price, which is around 1 EUR. People told, that at gasstations, where there are no cameras, it is sometimes possible to negotiate the price.
fuel used in liter, around: –
total costs for fuel, around: –

days in Bolivia: 5

border crossing

We entered Bolivia at Villazón. People with vehicles have a different line. But everything was simple, filling out a few papers. The vehicles get checked again if number plate and FIN are correct.

We left Bolivia from Uyuni on Ruta 5. It is about 180km to the border on a gravel road. It is more like a outpost, but easy and fast. Not many people are crossing there.


I think it was 5 BOB, now one asked for an insurance, but insurance is necessary