The category “useful infos” contains summarized information, which could be of interest to persons, who are planning a similar trip.

* Topic
– general things
– travel guides

* general things

Each journey is unique, there are no things that happens the same way. Everyone of us has likes and dislikes. Some people like to lie around on the beach for days, others love to travel around. Experiences are the result of getting in contact with other people and doing various activities. Nevertheless, there are certain factors or conditions which remaining the same.

– How do I get my vehicle across an ocean?
– Which (international) documents are needed?
– How will be bureaucratic processes, such as border crossings?
– Where can I have my vehicle repaired or where can I get spare parts?
– Where can I find good and affordable accommodation?
– and so on

On a long trip you will be rewarded with many positive experiences, but you will also make negative ones. Often, you will need the help of local people, and occasionally, it is also possible that you will be ripped off.

The goal of the category “useful infos” is  to document these experiences in short form or to link to them. Further details can also be found in the country infos.

I also would be very happy about tips from other travellers. Maybe you are or you have been in the same area as I am at the moment and you know a cheap and good place to sleep or a good mechanic, … . Just write a message or leave a comment somewhere.

* travel guides

To my delight, I found that there are more backpacker guides than Lonely Planet. Rough Guides and Let’s Go were familiar to me. I used Lonely Planet for a long time, but in my opinion they are not backpackers guides anymore .

As you have little space on a motorcycle, I decided do use e-books. Most of the above providers have their guides in electronic form on offer, either as ebooks or PDF. The ebooks are also a little bit cheaper than in printed form.

In the U.S., I bought Lonely Planet in PDF format.
The advantage in PDF format, you can read them on many different devices. The downside, the chapters are (at least for Lonely Planet) divided in multiple files, what makes search and browse in them, in my opinion, a bit tedious.

In Mexico I bought a Rough Guide for the Android system (it is also available for Kindle and iOS). I was very happy with them and also bought them for Central and South America. As for the content, the Rough Guides, in my opinion, are not better or worse than other guides.

As for the navigation, the electronic Rough Guides very well constructed. You can go to the chapters quickly in a table of contents, you can set bookmarks, you can search in the books and there are cross-references to other chapters. The books can be downloaded to multiple devices and automatically adapts to tablet or mobile phone screen size. Notes, bookmarks and the actual position are synchronized over internet.

The downside, you can only buy the guides for a particular mobile phone operating system – Android , iOS or Kindle.

Another big advantage is you can download them to your laptop in epub format and read them for example with Adobe Digital Editions.