On this page you will find some information and experiences, positive and negative, about accommodation and places to sleep.
Update: Sorry I was really lazy with that part so.  For recommendations look at http://moto-mikey.com/articles-reviews/accommodations/ he has a lot of recommendations.


Hostels offer a budget way to stay. The most famous association is probably Hostelling International (HI) (http://www.hihostels.com/). In many countries, there are also national organizations. As a member of HI the price for a night in HI hostels is 10% lower than for non-members. In Austria, the membership can be requested at the Austrian Youth Hostel Association (http://www.oejhv.at/) and will cost not more than 25,- EUR per year (for residents). An amount which is paid off quickly when you often stayed at HI hostels. There is no age limit. Besides getting in contact with other travelers, in hostels you often find a useful infrastructure, such as washing machines, internet and kitchen.
The three big players in the internet are hostelbookers.comhostelworld.comhostels.com.


Status 18.03.2014, used my tent only one time. One night I just slept outside on the air mattress and one night outside in a hammock.
It depends always how much money you have, in Central and South America hostels and hotels are often really cheap.


Sometimes it is necessary to stay in Hotels / Motels. Most important thing for a motorcycle traveller is to have a secure parking lot. Usually that is no problem. There were always  secured parking lots (2-4 EUR per night), or the hotel had one. Sometimes you can park in the lobby.


On CouchSurfing private people offer (usually) free a bed or a room for the night.

On Airbnb private people offer a room or apartment for money, as an alternative to hotels.