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Aqtau I crosse the border to Orenburg 

27.07 /

.. move
on to Samara, which lies at the Volga …

29.07 /
30.07 / 31.07

over Penza to ..


Tambow and ..



As I read in the
Internet, all these cities belonged to the fortress belt in the southern part
of the then Russian Empire to ward off the Tatars.

The […]

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Kazakhstan 2 – endless roads


18.07 /
19.07 / 20.07

I cross
the border to Kazakhstan.

I spend 3 nights in Almaty and have the engine oil changed. At the workshop, I meet again the two Englishmen Tim and somebody. I met the two in Chorugh in Tajikistan on the street. There are some places where “everybody” stops. Like at the few motorcycle […]

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11.06 /
12.06 / 13.06

As I
mentioned the last time, coming from Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan is like landing
in paradise.

Over the
mountains you enter a huge green plain surrounded by high snow-capped
mountains. There are many yurts scattered here and there, herds of horses and
cows grazing all around.

The next
town is Sary-Tash, where I make a short stop to change […]

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It took a
while with a new report. But a lot has happened. Meanwhile, I am in Kyrgyzstan
in Osh and try to bring my intestinal flora back under control.

before I start to tell about experiences in Tajikistan, more encounters or
funny things from other travelers in Uzbekistan.

Samarkand there was an elderly Korean who traveled slowly and […]

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Entry to Tajikistan rejected

Sometimes things go different than planned. In any case, it’s my mistake, or however you will see it. More about that later.

I complained that I do not meet any people. The hostel in Samarkand is well

I meet
Anna and Rene from Luxembourg. The two are retired and also traveling by
motorbike. Their final goal is Japan. […]

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No-driving day in Nukus.

I visit
the art museum, that I got recommended the previous day. The painter,
archeologist and collector Igor Vitalyevich Savitsky has collected
“all” contemporary art of the 20th century, which he could find in
Central Asia and Russia.

worth seeing, I spend more than 2 hours in it and I’m sure was an exception.

around outside is […]

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through the desert



Off to
Kazakhstan. It is only around 50-60km to the border.

At the
border I meet Orhan and his son Halit from Turkey. The two are traveling for
3-4 weeks with their motorcycles to ride the Pamir Highway.

departure from Russia and entry into Kazakhstan is fairly quick and without
problems. Especially on the Kazakh side, the border officials are […]

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to Russia.

about yesterday. My German camping neighbors were a bit strange. The two did
not get out of their caravan. I only saw the man when he went out and lent me
the shower. I never saw his wife. Anyway.

After a
cup of instant coffee, I burn my fingers on the hot gas cooker and then I […]

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Ternopil – not Chernobyl


Ternopil – not Chernobyl

further east, I try to bring as many kilometers behind me as
possible. But the roads are a real disaster. Countless potholes. The
ride is often more like a slalom tour. Everything on the bike is

wanted to drive about 100kms more, but with these road conditions, I
am fed up and I stop […]

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It’s hot

On the
way to Central Asia.

A few
lines, although I’m totally exhausted

journey started in the morning with a spontaneous wheel change. I was ready to
go. Then I had the decision to make to take an extra tire or not.

I got two
new tires. I mounted one on a rim and wanted to take the other one […]

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